At Fordtronic AV we offer the hire of  sound systems to ensure clear and high-quality audio for your event.

Crystal Clear Audio Quality

Our sound systems are carefully selected to deliver crystal clear audio reproduction. With high-quality speakers, amplifiers, and signal processing equipment, our rentals ensure that every word, note, and sound is heard with exceptional clarity. Whether you’re hosting a small intimate gathering or a large-scale event, our sound systems are designed to provide even coverage and optimal sound distribution throughout the venue, ensuring an immersive audio experience for your audience.

Customizable Setup

We understand that every event is unique, and audio requirements can vary. That’s why our sound system rentals offer flexibility and customization options. Our team of audio professionals will work closely with you to assess your event needs, recommend the appropriate equipment, and design a sound system setup that fits your venue and audience size. We can provide a range of equipment, including microphones, mixers, speakers, subwoofers, and other accessories, to create the ideal audio setup for your event.

Outlined below is the current range of sound systems Fordtronic AV have available for hire – we have a sound system solution for every event.

  • AT Blackbird Sound System
  • JBL Sound System
  • QSC Sound System
  • Portable Sound System
  • Subwoofer
  • Computer Speakers

Professional Support and Assistance

Our dedicated team is committed to providing professional support and assistance throughout your rental experience. We can assist with the setup and configuration of the sound system, ensuring optimal performance and sound quality. Our technicians are available to address any technical issues that may arise during your event, allowing you to focus on delivering a successful and impactful experience for your audience.