“I have worked with Fordtronic Video and Sound for two decades in my capacity as and Emcee and in my current role and head of Public Relations for Enigma.
From an event planning perspective we only ever use Fordtronic Video and Sound for two simple reasons, their high level of professionalism and consistency of service.
When you are planing event you need peace of mind that all audio and visual aspects will work, I have that with Fordtronic Video and Sound

In my capacity as an Emcee I have worked with Fordtronic Video and Sound many times, I know the sound quality will be spot on, microphones will work and there won’t be an issue and if there is it will be fixed. I have also worked with other companies and not enjoyed that same experience which dilutes the quality of the event and makes my job infinitely more challenging.

I have no reservation in recommending Fordtronic Video and Sound as my supplier of choice”

Brett Lavering | Head of Public Relations, Enigma

“Thanks so much to Stewart and team for donating their time and equipment. Thanks for assisting us with Rise for Alex!”

Kate McGregor | Communications Manager / Corporate Affairs, NIB

“Of the 13 events Australia wide, our presenters were most impressed with your work”

Peta Kirby | Event Manager, Zurich